Kenya is a diverse country in terms of business. Its major industries include tourism, manufacturing, and agriculture. With as little as 1000 Kenya shillings one can generate a profit of up to 200 shillings per day and the more capital the more one gets profit.

 One can also invest in the capital markets via Nse as well as by a government or private sector bonds. With the corona pandemic, online work has proven to be sustainable. Offices are closed and people mostly are working from home. 

People are embracing the idea of online work and even doing online jobs such as blogging, article writing, YouTube, and Freelancing. All one needs is a laptop, an internet connection, and be creative.

Running a successful business has proven to be troublesome and its estimates that 80% of new businesses do fail. One should consider the following if he wants the business to grow and be successful:

  • Choose what you enjoy and love doing
  • Be dedicated, it's your business hence full dedication is required
  • Improvise, be strategic and keep up with your competitors and what's trending
  • Ensure your clients are always satisfied because there is power in referrals
Having a business idea and doing research will be the determinant of whether a business will succeed, passion is barely enough.
Here are some of the most profitable business in Kenya in 2023
It's estimated that 20% of Kenyans are earning a decent living out of online work. Online work such as content writing, YouTube, blogging, article writing, virtual assistance is some of the ways one can earn online.
 Sites that offer online work include Upwork, Guru, Fiverr, Freelancer Kenya. If you are a newbie with zero experience or skills you can enroll in AJIRA DIGITAL KENYA where you will be taught everything from the basic contents because they believe online work is work. 

One can earn up to 300000 Kenya shillings per month if doing online work.

Kenyans are busy people. Everyday people strive to make their lives better as well as put food on their table.
 It's estimated that approximately 5000 children are born in Kenya per day. Parents need a safe and secure place to leave their children as they go out and hustle. 

One can start small by even starting to take care of their neighbor's children for a fee. It doesn't require a lot of capital to start a daycare, you need toys, clean and secure environment, and a playground for children. With time the business will grow if there is consistency

The agricultural sector contributes approximately 33 percent of Kenya's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The agriculture sector employs more than 40% of the total population and 70% of the rural population. 
Kenya exports tea, flowers, petroleum, and coffee. Not only does Kenya export but also the consumption of our day-to-day food. If one has land, it will be the start-up for success.

 One can do beekeeping, poultry farming, fish farming as well as fruits and vegetable farming

Selling products such as shoes, clothes: mostly ladies, watches, fragrances, groceries, clothes as well as beddings is a lucrative business to venture into. 

You need social media pages to market your products and select pick-up points. One also needs a distributor from where you will be buying your products from.

 Do research, find a niche in the market or your neighborhood then begin your adventure 

If you have a computer/laptop, internet connection, and willing to learn, this is the best venture to get in.
Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing whereby a business will pay you for each visitor or client that buys their item by your own marketing efforts. One creates a special link that will lead to the company's products, one can start with:

  • Finding and joining an affiliate program such as Clickbank
  • Choose the products to pr
  • Get a unique affiliate link
Learn more about affiliate marketing and begin your journey to earning  a decent living
An intermediate affiliate marketer can make up to 40000 dollars per annum

This refers to publishing one written idea, photography, or any other creative ideas. It's where you will share your individual view about something and create awareness about something, You are supposed to create content that readers will love and enjoy reading. It is simple to start, do you believe you can write content that will capture the reader's attention? If yes, here is how you can start:
  • Go to, sign up
  • Add WordPress and choose a theme
  • Connect with Adsense
  • You can choose from a variety of content about what to write, from gossip, health, and fitness entertainment, trends, fashion as well as Diy(do it yourself)
  • Start writing compelling and interesting content

Time and time again, selling clothes has proven to be profitable. It's easy to start, requires minimal capital, and generates a good profit. You need to specialize and find a niche, know your target customers, choose a location and for a boutique come up with a business plan.

 If you are in Nairobi and want to sell second hands clothes. Gikomba would be the best place to go buy the clothes for reselling. With 5000 Kenya shillings, you can pick several ladies' dresses for a cheaper price.

 Ladies' clothes have huge traffic hence selling their products is advisable. For mitumba start small then advance with time.
If one wants to begin a boutique business huge amount of capital is required and you need to stand out. Ensure you have a business plan.  Location, great customer service, and developing great marketing strategies for your products online and offline will ensure your boutique run efficiently and generate profits.

People need the energy to run their day-to-day activities. food is the source of energy. People need to refuel their bodies from time to time. 
There is a demand for fresh, organic, and healthy food hence the need for vendors. The secret to a successful food business is location, location, location,  customer service is paramount, it's always said there is power in referrals and consistency.


There is space for everyone even though it may seem crowded, one just needs to be unique and know your target customers. As always every successful business needs a business plan. To start a hotel in the urban areas eg Nairobi it may cost from 500000 Kenya shillings to twenty million but for a small kiosk,20000 Kenya shillings will be enough.

You can also provide catering services to companies near you.

Approximately 90k cars are on the road per year. It's a lifestyle that every Kenyan would love to explore. With that analytics, it's evident the carwash business has mouth-watering profits

It costs 200 shillings to clean a car and can cause up to 500/1000 shillings for a lorry. Also one can wash car mats.

To start a carwash location is paramount, you can establish it near a restaurant, petrol station, churches, near the road and malls. This will ensure you gain maximum profits. Also one should get the needed licenses which may cost up to 35000 Kenya shillings

The types of equipment needed include buckets, washing towels, detergents as well as water. That is for a small type of car wash. If you aim big, splashes and more convenient types of machinery are required such as vacuum cleaner and car washing machine.

One can earn a profit of 3000 per day which is very lucrative. To increase profitability, one can also venture into carpet cleaning, motorbike cleaning and also offer 24 hours service.

Kenyans enjoy meat delicacy all the time ie goat meat, beef meat, chicken meat, liver. Butcheries are easy to start and manage hence a good source for self-employment.A well-managed butchery may gain a profit of up to 10k per day. Requirements to start a butchery includes:

  • Business permit that cost sh 10000 per annum
  • Food handling certificate to be renewed after every six months
  • Weighing scales that cost sh 5000
  • Fridge/freezer costs 35000
  • Hacksaws, hooks, cleavers, wrappers, knives, rent

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